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At the core of every sustainable development plan is the reduction, recycling, and reuse of materials. Our pro-active service team continuously targets our client’s waste stream by analyzing localized laws, market variables, and material quantities to develop location specific recycling solutions. These solutions typically lead to savings and revenue when avoiding landfill disposal costs.

We report on every aspect of your waste & recycling program from carbon footprint data, tonnage and diversion rates, to bill auditing and service consistency. We provide the data needed for intelligent global business decisions and effective vendor evaluation.

Yes, we can. From our service centre in Vancouver we coordinate customer service across Canada through local service centres in each market area. Unlike other waste management service providers, we have “feet on the ground” with field service agents in major centres to provide rapid response. Our field service team will conduct on-site audits, facility walkthroughs and other hands on service. Whether you have 50 or 5000 locations we can help your business reduce costs and increase your recycling rate.

The difference is in the technology and purchasing expertise. Our container sensor monitoring systems, mobile app and data reporting services are industry leading. We continuously push the envelope of what is possible in the waste and recycling industry and we’re proud be know as a “disruptor”. Not all management companies are the same or have the same purchasing power and resource allocation model. Our skilled negotiators are armed with years of continuous service information from large fortune 1000 & 500 companies across the United States and Canada.

National hauling companies are why we are in business. Our process is to capitalize on the free market competition that exists at each of your locations. A hauler’s profit increases with inefficiency. When locations are over serviced or not managed closely, the dollars add up quickly. We have a completely different model. We do not own hauling trucks, service routes, or landfills. Our success is derived from providing best in class service to our clients in the form of professional management. Our value comes from analysis, due diligence and rapid changes based on our data. Our job is to increase efficiency.

Unlike other companies we don’t need an incentive to provide savings to our clients. We are a professional management service and our service is to reduce and contain our client’s waste and recycling costs. By providing this value every day, our clients become long term partners. We offer a variety of business arrangements such as Blended Pricing, CostPlus and Shared Savings. Our clients make the decision on the right solution that fits their unique business needs.

RecycleSmart brings years of experience and expertise that creates the most efficient and lowest cost waste and recycling program possible. For less than what you spend currently on waste & recycling you can increase your recycling rate, decrease costs, never have to deal with a missed pickup or service related issue, receive one bill for all your services, easily track and monitor the success of your current recycling program, and spend more time on your business generating profit. Spend less time, spend less money, increase your recycling rate, increase your profits. We’ll let you make the decision.

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