Intelligent Job Creation at RecycleSmart

RecycleSmart is in the waste and recycling services industry but doesn’t own any trucks or recycling bins. Instead, the company uses technology to monitor their clients’ recycling and waste bins with remote “smart sensors”. RecycleSmart uses the data collected to tailor customized recycling programs to provide what each client specifically needs, saving their clients both time and money.

“Recycling Smart means using advanced monitoring technology to maximize efficiency, real-time data reporting to guide decision making and industry experts to develop and implement creative solutions that fit your business,” said Colin Bell, one of the managing partners at RecycleSmart. “Essentially, we figure out what people are doing with their waste and recycling, then come up with a plan to help them better manage their materials, and it saves them a lot of money.”

RecycleSmart is the largest company in Canada to use this type of technology, and they hire the best candidates to ensure that it operates exactly as they intend it to.
“We hire people with exceptional computer skills and look for an educational background that is closely matched to our business such as a masters in environmental studies,” said Bell “There is a lot of underutilized talent in Vancouver. We are lucky in that we can get people that are very highly qualified and deliver exceptionally good results.”
“We know people in these fields often don’t think ‘I’ll start my career in waste management’, but we are working to make a boring industry more exciting,” he said. “We encourage our staff to not be afraid to try something different, and they realise that they’re having fun and making a big difference environmentally too.”
The company launched in 2007 and was based out of Squamish, but rebranded in 2012 as RecycleSmart when they moved to Richmond. The company has 10 full-time staff in B.C., with another seven across the country.
“We’ve been seeing exponential growth in the past few years, with about 300% revenue growth two years in a row now,” said Bell. “We’re on track to do it again this year too.”
One of the challenges RecycleSmart runs into by being a pioneer in their industry is that they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can deliver, and are constantly improving on their products.
“We’re innovating so fast, that we are kind of pushing the industry to keep up with us,” he said. “We have to call up our suppliers and ask them to change the equipment to meet our needs so we can keep providing what our clients want. But, it’s a fun problem to have.”


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